Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Struggle VS Google and China

Culture is what divides each nation. Culture can make technology change the way is wanted. Without culture, a society can be lost in richness and binds into another. The culture is what we have inside and cannot describe it because it is part of our personality and rules we obey in our daily lives. When culture is violated, we feel like we are being harassed and taken our dignity away. When business agreements influences culture and principles of a nation, that is where the problem arises.

Google is very known as the power giant of online searches. Anybody can access their own country version of Google by their own machines. For example, if you are in Ukraine, the site will be redirected to Ukrainian version of Google. Google had an agreement with China. The agreement was that Google would provide fast searches inside the Big Firewall of China but have censorship on it so the Chinese nation wouldn’t be able to start a political revolution aided by the Internet. We all know China is a communist country and communist governments limit the availability of information they consider “not suitable” for their nation to have access to.

When Google took away censorship, China government’s and some Chinese people felt their culture and life were violated. I am unknown to the fact Google took away censorship but I know that was not a smart move. I truly believe that if you really want business from a foreign country, you have to know their laws and not try to break them. For example, in a party a DJ has to play the music people want to hear, not what they want to hear. Even though the DJ might not like the music, he stills have to play it. He will get paid for it, but if he disobeys and does whatever he wants, the clientele will be severely pissed at him. That is what happened with Chinese government, and communists. Many activists hacked into Google’s headquarter e-mail accounts and systems to reveal themselves for such a bad act. Google kept on reacting badly to the response of Chinese nation, so havoc fell from the sky. Chinese government say Google violated their agreement but so Google did something they thought it would solve the problems, even though it did not.

Google moved (redirected) Chinese version of Google to the version of Hong-Kong and that is a problem, the same problem they had before. Chinese users will try to visit Google and yet have an uncensored version of Google from Hong Kong. The Big Firewall of China is broken. It is broken for two reasons. Users can access any sites they want by going around the Big Firewall in two ways: and proxy servers. Maybe Google might help China by removing the redirection, but I don’t think they will because they want money. About proxy servers, there might be underground sites made by Chinese underground mafia which could provide users with proxy servers which make them connect to any site they want.

Any way they choose, the Big Firewall will always be broken thus providing unsolicited information leak through it. Nothing is perfect, and much less technology. We all know that, the Internet is one of the most vulnerable systems in the world because it is very complex and it will take an unlimited amount of time to patch every hole in it. We have special gateways, proxy servers, VPNs, Tor software, anonymizer sites and protocols that can be used to bypass any sort of security that might get in our way.