Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mr Robot Season 2 Easter Eggs: Ransomware Message Revealed and Decoded!

Hello folks!  I'm sure you have heard about the most popular TV Show of 2015 and perhaps of 2016, multiple awards winning TV sensation of Mr Robot.  I don't like TV shows and don't watch TV at all, but I got caught with Season 1 because of the hacking techniques the main character uses which sound and seem pretty legitimate (as well as the terms).  So, Season 2 took off yesterday but there has been a lot of work done on the Internet about it before then not only on their website, but also outside of it;  including Easter eggs!  Easter eggs are "secrets" buried in layers for people to find out.  I have stumbled to a few great surprises but one was worth noting.  After they released Episode 1 before the air-date, kept me wondering...

Episode 1 concludes in a Ransomware attack to evil corp banks which leaves their computer inoperable.  I could take a screenshot of it and decided to investigate the victim's IP address (which is public by the way) and found something interesting.  There seemed to be a message buried behind the timer which resets every-time you open the website, but what if I could stop the timer and let it go to 00:00:00? What would happen when the timer sets to 0?  Watch the video, learn a little about JS and base64 encoding (where the message is buried), grab some pop-corn and enjoy the video.... Dubtstep style!

How Can a 10 Year Old Have Administrator Access to Your Fortified Windows 8 and 10 Computer

Hello there. I have been a bit busy working and on-side projects so I would like to share with you some old work I have done before which I haven't shared on my Blog.  Even though I have done a similar video with Windows 7.  This shows that the principle of this flaw does not rely on software but in the design of it.  Since Micro$oft is too busy fixing more "relevant" bugs, I am posting this only for educational purposes.  I am not responsible nor condone illegal acts.

Now, watch and enjoy!

Windows 8:

Windows 10: